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3 Industries Where Ageism is Most Common

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Ageism is a pervasive issue that has been present in the workforce for decades. It is a form of discrimination rooted in stereotypes that can negatively impact those affected. Ageism refers to how older individuals may experience negative biases or actions toward them in the workplace. Unfortunately, age discrimination is still alive today, with specific fields experiencing higher levels of ageism than others. Keep reading, and Michel | King will explore this concept and explain which industries are particularly affected by ageism.

The Industries Most Affected by Ageism

Ageism occurs across various sectors and industries, but specific fields are more vulnerable to it than others.

Technology Industry

According to research conducted by the AARP, technology-related fields such as computer programming and engineering have some of the highest age biases experienced by workers over 50. The problem stems from companies looking for younger talent who can learn quickly and bring new ideas to the table—but there is also a greater emphasis on hiring younger employees due to the perception that they cost less than their older counterparts.

Physical or Manual Industries

In addition, jobs requiring physical labor, such as construction, manufacturing, and shipping, often have high age bias due to employers assuming that older workers are not physically capable of performing these roles effectively. Those working in customer service roles can also face age discrimination; younger customer service personnel may be preferred over older ones because they supposedly possess better communication skills or appear more relatable to customers.

Media Industry

Finally, media industries such as music, television, film, radio, and advertising tend to show a preference for younger talent when casting or hiring employees. This trend is especially problematic given that approximately one-third of Americans aged 45-64 work in media or entertainment occupations—making them particularly vulnerable to unfair treatment based on their age alone.

When Experiencing Ageism, Rely on Michel | King

Ageism remains a severe issue in today’s society, particularly regarding employment opportunities within specific industries. Companies must take steps towards creating more inclusive workplaces where everyone feels valued regardless of their age—and prospective employers should not base job offers on someone’s age alone but on factors such as experience level and qualifications.

Furthermore, those facing discrimination should speak up about their experiences so that action can be taken against any perpetrators of age-based bias within these fields. By doing so, we can progress towards eliminating this damaging form of prejudice from our workplaces.

Ageism is all too common in the United States, especially in specific industries. If you need assistance with a claim against your employer for ageism, we are here for you. Contact the team at Michel | King today for a consultation.

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