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Professional Licensing Board Representation in Birmingham

Representation for Professionals Facing the Board

Michel | King provides quality legal counsel for professionals who are in disputes with State licensing boards and agencies. These cases generally arise when the professional faces claims or accusations of professional misconduct. Our Birmingham employment attorneys have years of experience and will build a strong case.

We represent professionals before all State licensing boards, including but not limited to the following:

No matter what your profession is or what kind of dispute you are facing, our legal professionals can provide the counsel and representation that you need.

I've Been Accused of Negligence or Misconduct. What Do I Do Now?

It is not uncommon to face claims or accusations of negligence or professional misconduct at some time in your career, especially if you are a medical professional, counselor, contractor or financial professional. The key is to take swift action. Contact Michel | King immediately to learn what your options are. We understand how stressful this situation is for the career you have worked so hard to build is on the line. We can help you find peace of mind!

Who We Represent

Our firm provides counsel and representation for all professionals. Whether you work in the medical field, are a contractor, or you work as a public accountant, our attorneys can fight to protect your good name and your future. Do not hesitate to speak with an attorney from Michel | King if you are having problems with the State licensing board for your profession. We will fight for you.

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The sooner you contact a Birmingham employment attorney from our firm, the sooner we can get started on your case. We will investigate every aspect of the accusations against you and build a strong case to fight those accusations. Our goal is to protect your good name with the State board, your peers, and your clients / patients. Reach out today to schedule a free confidential case evaluation.

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