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Our team of skilled attorneys proudly uses our 40 years of combined experience to fight for the rights of federal employees throughout Alabama. We possess extensive legal insight into multiple areas of federal employment law. We are familiar with the various regulations that can sometimes complicate the secretive nature of federal work and make it difficult for federal employees to report workplace violations and obtain justice for discrimination, retaliation, and other forms of mistreatment.

Federal Employment Discrimination

According to federal anti-discrimination laws, all employers are forbidden from allowing or practicing discrimination in the workplace. Along with private and state employers, the federal government and its agencies are subject to discrimination laws. Every workplace is required to treat their employees equally, regardless of their race, sex, age, and various other protected characteristics or traits. If the federal government violates your rights under anti-discrimination laws, you might be able to take action to redress these wrongs.

Federal Employment Retaliation

Federal law also protects employees who make good faith complaints to supervisors, the EEOC, or have been witnesses in an investigation regarding another worker’s complaint. Employer retaliation can take obvious forms, such as immediate demotion, job reassignment, or poor performance review following a retaliation complaint. Retaliation can also be more subtle like excluding the employee from important staff meetings or reducing their job responsibilities after a complaint.

Filing an EEO Complaint

If you believe your employer has violated your civil rights through discrimination or retaliation and it has affected you emotionally, lead to termination, change of duties, or demotion, then you might be eligible to seek justice by filing an EEO complaint. A legal professional from our firm can help you take proper legal action to seek compensation for the losses you’ve suffered. Typically, a federal employee only has 45 days from the discriminatory act or retaliation to file an EEO complaint, so you must act fast.

The EEO process includes the following:

  • Speak with your agency's EEO Counselor
  • Seek a favorable outcome through an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
  • File a formal complaint (pending a resolution)
  • Ask for a Final Agency Determination and/or Request a hearing

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With one of our seasoned attorneys at your side, you can feel confident that your rights and interests are protected. In addition to helping clients combat unlawful discrimination and retaliation, our Birmingham federal employee lawyers also assist federal employees with:

  • Adverse Actions
  • EEO Cases
  • Federal Workers’ Compensation
  • Federal Employee Disability
  • OPM Disability Retirement
  • Federal Union Representation
  • Veteran Affairs
  • MSPB Representation

We dedicate our time and resources to guiding our clients through each phase of the legal process, and we have a stellar reputation for vigorously fighting for all of their rights under the law. Please give us a call today at (205) 265-1880 or contact us online if you would like to request a free case consultation.

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