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Anthony Michel Appears on NBC 13


On Sunday the 8th of December, Anthony Michel of Michel | King Michel & Kingwill be appearing on NBC 13 to share his insight as a Birmingham employment law attorney. He will be featured on The Attorneys, which will air after the late news on Sunday night. He will join host David Lamb and Josh Wright, managing partner of the Birmingham law firm Hollis Wright. The Attorneys features experts in various legal fields that provide in depth analysis to today's legal questions. Anthony Michel of Michel | King and Michel, LLC will be featured on this week's show to discuss the topic of race-based discrimination and retaliation.

Race-based discrimination in the workplace is a common problem, even in 2013. Federal law prohibits employers from making business decisions based solely on an employee's race. Likewise, the law forbids employers from fostering a work environment permeated by discriminatory animus. Despite the fact that race discrimination in the workplace is unlawful, many employers fail to adequately protect their employees from abusive treatment at the hands of co-employees, supervisors, and managers.

To make matters worse, employees who speak out against race discrimination are often terminated, or are otherwise retaliated against for standing up against unlawful retaliation. Understandably, many employees fail to assert their right to work in an environment free from race-based discrimination because they fear retaliation for speaking out against such practices. However, as will be discussed in Sunday's show, federal law not only prohibits race-based discrimination in the workplace, it also prohibits employers from retaliating against those employees who stand up for their rights against workplace discrimination. Learn more about these topics by tuning in on Sunday night!

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