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A career as a physician, doctor, or other medical practitioner can be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling, but only if your physician employment contract is fair and properly drafted. If you are looking to start a new position at a hospital, clinic, medical ward, or any other employer location that requires your physician services, you should be aware that your contract might not be originally created in your favor. Do not sign anything that you do not fully understand, or else you could run into legal complications later on.

For physician contract review in Alabama, you can turn to Wrady & Michel, LLC. We represent employees in all manners of employment law cases, which requires total comprehension of business contracts and how to review them for errors, inaccuracies, or one-sided wording. Allow us to put our years of experience to use for you before you accept your physician contract.

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What to Review in Your Physician Contract

Most employment contracts should be straight forward, outlining what the employee needs to do to keep employment and gain benefits, such as their wages. Physician contracts can be much more complicated than the average contract due to the legalities and specifics involved with becoming a practicing physician. Your expertise not only makes you a valuable worker but also directly influences the health of patients, adding a unique level of legal concerns to your employment, which must be reflected in your contract.

Physicians also have a high rate of turnover compared to other high-paying, high-performance jobs. By some surveys, including those conducted by Cejka Search, which is a leading physician consulting and recruitment firm, around 7% of medical professionals will leave their workplace each year in search of better employment. The majority of physicians who quit do so due to lack of fair financial compensation and benefits, exemplifying the importance of thorough contract review.

Items of particular interest we can review in your physician contract include:

  • Salaried wages
  • Benefits packages
  • Potential for job advancement
  • Expectations and guidelines
  • Possible penalties for missing requirements
  • Tenure opportunities
  • Liability in case of wrongdoing or incident

Begin Your Career with Confidence

Employment contracts of all kinds can be riddled with legal pitfalls crafted by careful wording that benefits the employer beyond what is necessary. If you need physician contract review in Alabama, call up on our Birmingham employment law attorneys for guidance and a professional eye. We always focus on the employee in our case, doing all that we can to uphold your rights and ensure you are properly compensated for your hard work.

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