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According to Alabama state law, an employee can be fired at any time for any reason, known as "at will" employment. There are certain exceptions to this rule, however; both state and federal laws prevent employers for discriminating against employees or retaliating against protected activity. Different types of discrimination could include age, race, or disability.

If you believe that your employer has wrongfully fired you, then you should contact a Birmingham employment law attorney at Wrady & Michel, LLC. We have spent years dedicating our practice solely to employment law matters. With us to support you, you can be confident as you pursue litigation against your employer.

If you have been fired, then here are a few actions you can take to improve your position as you pursue litigation:

  • Ask about the cause for your termination
  • Ask who made the decision to terminate you
  • Ask to see your personnel file
  • Remain calm and positive
  • Negotiate a severance package and get the terms in writing
  • Review your employment contract

All of these will be of great benefit as you and your lawyer file a claim against your employer.

How do I make a claim for wrongful termination?

To begin making a claim, you must first file a charge with your local U.S. Equal Employment Oppurtunity Commission (EEOC) office. You have to file within 180 days from the day of your termination. The charge should include your personal contact information and your employer's contact information. In addition, describe the reason for your termination and state your union membership, if you have one.

The EEOC will then begin investigating the employer. If the EEOC doesn't pursue legal action within 60 days, then you are free to pursue your own legal action against your employer. In either situation, it is important that you retain the services of an experienced Birmingham employment law attorney at our firm. We can make sure that your case is taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible. The EEOC takes care of hundreds of thousands of claims each year, so they might be unable to devote the time that your case deserves.

Severance Packages

Unless your employment contract states that you will receive a severance package, an employer is not required to provide one. A severance package is comprised of pay and benefits such as insurance, retirement, or stock options. In some cases, an employer might try to negotiate a severance package in exchange for the employee's promise to abandon any legal claims that he or she could have pursued. Talk with your lawyer to see if a severance package negotiation or a wrongful lawsuit claim would be the best option for you. If your employer has offered a severance package, there is no need to immediately accept. Discuss the terms with our attorneys and continue to negotiate for better conditions.

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