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Every employee in a company has certain rights detailed in their state's employment laws, from entry level associates to executives working out of the boardroom. If you are a company executive and you feel that you are not being properly compensated for your work and contributions, you can contact Wrady & Michel, LLC and speak to our Birmingham executive compensation lawyers. We have a full understanding of "golden handshake" or "golden parachute" agreements and what yours should include for your professional services.

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Understand & Enforce Your Compensation Plan

There is a common assumption that company executives are always paid adequately for their work; in fact, it is not uncommon for someone to assume that an executive is given more than their fair share of compensation. The reality is that company executives are employees just like everyone else in the corporation and they deserve to be treated respectfully as outlined by state employment law guidelines. If an executive does not pay attention to how their higher-ups, no matter how few there may be, are handling their compensation plans, they could be unjustly shorted.

An average executive compensation package will likely include:

  • Set salary amounts with room for growth
  • Bonus options and terms
  • Necessary benefits, such as healthcare coverage
  • Special stock offerings and stock options
  • Advanced or specific deferred compensation
  • Retirement plans or fund options
  • Severance package agreements

If one or more of these forms of compensation are missing, you should consider taking action right away by working with our Birmingham employment law attorneys. We can handle contract reviews and contract creation, post-contract negotiations and mediation, and analysis for potential discrimination against company executives. When the concerns of your case are great, we can step in and provide legal advocacy in a court case, if necessary. Our end goal is the enforcement of a fair executive compensation plan that benefits you.

Smart Solutions for Our Valued Clientele

You have not landed an executive position in a corporation by luck alone – you have worked hard for your career. Allow our Birmingham executive compensation lawyers ensure you are properly compensated for all you have done and will do for your company. We are proud defenders and legal representatives of employees at every wrung of a business's hierarchy, and we are confident you will see our dedication and abilities at every step we take in your employment law case.

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