Contract Review in Birmingham

Alabama is an employment "at will" state. Under the terms of an at-will employment, an employer is legally permitted to employ individuals without the execution of a written contract. Most employees in Alabama work on an at-will basis, and do not have a formalized agreement for employment. In many professional fields, however, contracts for employment are used on a regular basis. Furthermore, an employer/employee relationship may be affected by employment contracts which are implied through representations made by the employer, or by statements included in the employee handbook.

Contracts for employment normally include many terms and conditions which an employee must follow or face termination. These terms and conditions may seem straightforward on paper, but could have several interpretations. When your current or prospective employer has presented you with any type of contract, it is in your best interests to first consult with an experienced employment law attorney. Come to Wrady & Michel, LLC to meet with us for an initial consultation.

Employment Lawyers for Contract Review in Birmingham

Clients frequently choose Wrady & Michel, LLC for contract review services in Birmingham, Jefferson County and throughout Alabama. We review, write and negotiate employment contracts for our clients, and help you seek an agreement that serves your interests. In some cases, our review demonstrates that the contract is satisfactory, and we will recommend executing the agreement. If any clauses of the contract are against your interests, we will advise you of the changes we recommend, and represent you in negotiations with your employer or the employer's legal counsel. We also assist in drafting amendments or a new document altogether.

Furthermore, we discuss with you any type of implied employment contract which you believe exists based on the statements or actions of your employer or statements in the employee handbook. We help you to determine the nature and scope of any such agreements, and how they may affect your rights in the situation. Don't rush into signing a contract without getting a professional opinion from an employment lawyer who is on your side. Contact us now online or by calling (205) 265-1880.

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