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When Do Religious Exemptions Protect Employers?

While Title VII prohibits employment discrimination based on religious affiliation or beliefs, there are some exceptions or exemptions to Title VII's religion provisions for certain employers. ...
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Misclassification of Employees as Independent Contractors

One pressing issue for the Department of Labor is addressing the increase in employee misclassification. When an employer misclassifies employees in order to make them exempt from wage and hour laws, ...
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Retaliation Against Managers Who Handle Internal Discrimination Claims

Under federal law, it is unlawful to discriminate against an employee based on various protected characteristics, including race and gender. Those same laws make prohibit retaliation against an ...
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When and How to Mediate Your Employment Discrimination Case

Mediation can be a very useful tool in resolving employment discrimination cases without going to trial. Mediation can take place at virtually any time before the jury returns a verdict. In order to ...
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Sexual Orientation Discrimination Claims in Alabama

With the new laws regarding same sex marriage, it is no surprise that the issue of sexual orientation discrimination is coming to the forefront once again. The primary federal discrimination law in ...
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Religious Discrimination Case against Abercrombie & Fitch

Under Title VII, an employer can be held liable for failing to accommodate a religious practice, even when the employee has not made an express request for such an accommodation. That was the ruling ...
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