Blog Posts in September, 2014

Truck Drivers Cannot be Fired for Refusing to Drive in Hazardous Conditions

It is not uncommon for commercial truck drivers to be required to work rigorous schedules or to drive in undesirable weather conditions. However, when a truck driver's safety is being threatened, ...
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Are Employment Contract Terms Negotiable?

Employment contracts are not all that common, especially in "at will" employment states like Alabama. But, if an employer is willing to enter into an employment agreement of some type, it is ...
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When Is the Right Time to Mediate?

Most lawyers and mediators have their own list of elements that are essential to a successful negotiation of legal claims. These lists are generated after years of experience litigating and settling ...
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Is Your Non-Compete Agreement too Broad?

In the employment world, covenants or agreements not to compete have become more and more popular over the years. Likewise, the prohibitions employers are including in these agreements seem to be ...
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Not Being Paid for Overtime Is Illegal

Working long hours can be tiring, but it can also mean increased income, especially for those who get paid an hourly rate. For some, the time and a half that employees can expect for overtime is ...
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