Blog Posts in October, 2013

Be Careful Dying Your Hair: You May Just Lose Your Job

Employment discrimination comes in all shapes and colors, as a former Hooter's waitress discovered recently when she was fired because of the color of her hair. Farryn Johnson believes she was ...
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What Does "At-Will" Employment Really Mean?

If you have been out in the workforce, you have no doubt been told you are an "at-will employee," or at least heard the term. But, do you understand what that actually means? More ...
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What is Race Discrimination in the Workplace?

Are you one of only a few minorities at your job? Are all of the supervisors or management of a different race than you? Do you feel you are being singled out because of your race? You may be the ...
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Severe and Pervasive Sexual Harassment May Not Be Enough

Employers are allowed to raise a defense to even the most egregious employment claims. Sexual harassment is no exception. According to federal employment law, an employer can avoid liability for the ...
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The Case of the "Not That Pretty" Attorney

When most people think of sexual harassment, they think of lewd comments of a sexual nature either addressed to female employees or said in their presence. But there are cases where women are being ...
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Can My Boss Retaliate Against Me?

Can my boss retaliate against me? Most people in the workforce understand that there are laws to protect them as employees, especially from certain kinds of discrimination and harassment. But there ...
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